Celebrating and Building Memories at Sri Lanka’s Cultural Night!

We are thrilled to share the memorable moments from our annual Cultural Night, held on Thursday, December 7th, at the enchanting Galadari Ballroom in Colombo, Sri Lanka. More than 300 of our dedicated staff, including Sri Lankan Management Team, Contrinex Board of Directors, and our founder, Peter Heimlicher, came together for a night of festivities, camaraderie, and celebration.

Our CEO, Annette Heimlicher, set the tone for the evening with an inspiring speech, reflecting on the challenges we have conquered collectively and the unwavering resilience that defines Contrinex. From navigating global uncertainties to successfully completing our ambitious expansion project in Sri Lanka, we have demonstrated a journey marked by courage and determination.

The Contrinex Campus came alive during the event, revealing a transformed workplace and unveiling exciting plans for the upcoming year, 2024. The night was officially named "Cultural Night," a fitting tribute to the diverse and vibrant performances that unfolded on stage. Cultural dances, rhythmic drum performances, and the traditional lighting of the oil lamp added a touch of grace and authenticity to our celebration.

The evening also hosted CEO Awards, where we took the opportunity to honor and recognize the outstanding contributions of our employees. Additionally, our esteemed founder, Peter Heimlicher, received a token of appreciation for his exemplary leadership, unwavering commitment, boundless passion, and tireless efforts in building Contrinex into a robust and prosperous organization.

As we reflect on the memories created during our Cultural Night, it becomes a testament to our unity, hard work, and shared achievements. Here's to more successes, more growth, and a thriving Contrinex community in the years to come!