Minidist- Customizable and ready to integrate

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N01 without housing

C02 with housing

For applications requiring precise distance measurement from very small sensors, Contrinex MiniDist sensors provide ideal solutions. With advanced ASIC technology and the possibility of customized integration, they reliably measure the distance of metallic and non-metallic objects. These diffuse sensors with 0…2.6 VDC analog output utilize a focused, visible red light source for ease of adjustment with sensing ranges up to 35mm.

Key Avantages:

  • Miniature, photoelectric distance-measurement sensors
  • Analog output 01...2.6 VDC + adjustable PNP light-on output
  • Fully embeddable and suitable for easy integration with option for micro-housing
  • Available with or without housing
  • Enables distance-measurement for metallic and non-metallic targets
  • Advanced optical and ASIC technology
  • Pinpoint LED red light source with light spot 5mm