RFID ensures reliable tool changing in packaging machine for flexibility and the elimination of errors


Modern packaging machines for the food industry rely on fast product changes and smooth-running processes. RFID data modules for format tool identification give the users of food packaging machines the flexibility and safety they need when they have to change format tools quickly.

Customer Values

  • Safe exchange of format tools
  • Time for a tool exchange decreases
  • Greater flexibility
  • Avoids damage to the machine and thus reduces costs
  • Add-on feature for the customer

Specific Product Advantages

  • Flush integration of the tags
  • Tags + RWMs are resistant against chemicals
  • 125 kHz system can work in a metal environment
  • IP 68 class protection
  • Suitable for use in food industry and extremely harsh environments

Customer Application

Read/write modules mounted on the packaging machine read the information contained in each tool’s tag. This information is passed to the machine controller. If RFID data indicates that part of a tool is missing, or tools do not belong together, or that incorrect parameters have been entered, the machine controller informs the operator of the precise error.

In this food industry application, RFID components are exposed to aggressive cleaning chemicals on a daily basis. Plastic RFID tags therefore proved inadequate to this requirement. In addition, all components must function without interference in the stainless steel environment of the packaging machine. Other suppliers of RFID systems were unable to overcome the problems caused by such reflections.

Customer Solution

The Contrinex RFID system, with rugged, all-metal housings for RW modules and tags, meets these special requirements. The low frequency system is almost totally unaffected by interference from any metal environment. In addition, patented ConIDent technology ensures that the embeddable tags can be both read and written through their hermetically sealed, food-safe metal housings.

Format tools are equipped with RTM-2160-000 RFID tags. Information about the type of tool is stored in the tag’s memory chip. The packaging process is only enabled by the machine controller when the correct tools have been fitted and the correct parameters loaded. This guarantees faster tool changing and avoids any crash in the machine.

The 4 read/write heads are connected to 1 RIT-1491-000 interface and linked to an RIS-0583-400, forming a TCP/IP connection. The first food packaging machine equipped with Contrinex RFID was shown at the Interpack Fair in 2011. A serial production will follow, but with an improved TCP/IP interface: RIS-1613-400.