Smart Sensors: Unlocking new sensing potential

Contrinex Smart Sensors are designed with the needs of smart factories in mind. They have all the answers when it comes to reducing complexity and cost. By implementing multiple sensing modes in a single sensor designers have the freedom they’ve always dreamed about, offering exceptional versatility and simplified integration.

Let Contrinex Smart Sensors supercharge your IoT strategy; enjoy all the advantages of the industry-standard IO-Link interface, plus the option of high-speed sensor-based decision-making using SIO. The only limit is your imagination…


No-code sensor configuration

Thanks to the innovative PocketCodr configurator, you can streamline configuration and commissioning of Smart Sensors and IO-Link sensors! The PocketCodr app uses live data graphs to present sensor parameters on-screen and in real time. Its unique Action Widgets for Contrinex Smart Sensors guide users through key configuration processes in a code-free environment. It also enables remote sharing of sensor configurations among team members, simplifying multi-site collaboration.


Advantages of Contrinex Smart Sensors at a glance:

  • Robust, metal-cased Inductive Smart Sensors offer multiple user-defined sensing modes in a single sensor
  • Inductive analog-measurement devices offer increased flexibility in complex applications
  • New Smart Photoelectric Sensors deliver increased sensing distances up to 300 mm
  • Multi-channel monitoring circuitry allows users to define multiple customized output thresholds
  • Innovative PocketCodr configurator simplifies Smart-Sensor configuration and commissioning
  • PocketCodr allows engineers to set up and interrogate any IO-Link-enabled device
  • PocketCodr app with unique Action Widgets and graphical UX allows users to interact directly with sensors
  • Real-time parametric changes are presented in-app on live data graphs
  • Smart Sensors with IO-Link connectivity and multiple user-configurable outputs offer cost-effective yet highly capable solutions


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