Sri Lanka new Welcome Center inauguration

We are delighted to announce a significant milestone in Contrinex's journey as we celebrate the expansion of our Sri Lankan subsidiary. Last week we inaugurated our new Welcome Center, marking the completion of the first phase of our comprehensive expansion plan for our Sri Lanka campus. This expansion is not only a testament to our enduring presence but also a profound commitment to the vibrant community and skilled workforce of Sri Lanka. 

A Vision of Expansion 

The decision to embark on a 3-phase expansion plan for Contrinex Sri Lanka was conceived with the objective of reiterating our steadfast presence in this island nation. As a global leader in sensing technology, we remain committed to providing opportunities and fostering growth within the regions we operate.  

A Grand Welcome at the Welcome Center 

The highlight of our expansion plan is the Welcome Center, an administrative hub for Contrinex Sri Lanka, designed to serve multiple functions. It is here that we will receive, and host foreign guests, conduct interviews, and efficiently manage essential business operations. Our Welcome Center will house various departments, including Human Resources, Planning, Finance, and Research & Development. 

This newly inaugurated space is symbolic of our dedication to enhancing the quality of service and engagement with our global partners and local associates. It reflects our vision of providing a warm and professional environment for both our employees and guests alike. 

Traditional Inauguration 

The inauguration of the Welcome Center was a momentous occasion, celebrated in a traditional Sri Lankan manner. We deeply respect and embrace local customs and traditions, which is why the ceremony included the time-honored ritual of boiling milk. This act is emblematic of good fortune and symbolizes our aspiration for prosperity and success in our endeavors. 

As we take this step forward in our expansion journey, Contrinex reaffirms its commitment to Sri Lanka, its people, and the global community we serve. We look forward to further phases of our expansion plan, including the expansion of our production space which will be completed end of 2024.

Stay tuned for more updates on the progress of our expansion plan, and thank you for being a part of this exciting chapter in our history.