New Weld-Immune Brochure

Discover our updated Weld-Immune brochure, your gateway to discovering exceptional sensing solutions designed for the most demanding welding environments. 

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In this brochure, we aim to provide you with an in-depth understanding of our Weld-Immune range, setting new standards for durability, performance, and cost-effectiveness.  

Why Choose Contrinex for my Weld-Immune needs? 

For over five decades, Contrinex has maintained its reputation as a trusted leader in the industrial sensor industry. Our Weld-Immune sensors, featuring the proven Condet® technology, are capable of withstanding high-intensity magnetic fields and thriving in the hostile environments found in industrial welding plants. 

S600 devices feature impact-resistant metal bodies and temperature-resistant sensing faces, while their S700 full-inox counterparts boast one-piece stainless-steel housings and sensing faces. Both are true Factor 1 sensors, ensuring consistent performance when sensing targets in steel and aluminum, without any reduction in sensing distance. 

Our sensors can be further enhanced with the option of an abrasion-resistant ACTIVSTONE® coating, offering superior resistance to weld spatter. This high-performance ceramic material forms a durable, non-stick coating on all external surfaces of the sensor, making slag removal easier, reducing maintenance costs, and minimizing machine downtime. 

Elevated Performance 

Our sensors provide extended sensing ranges, eliminating the risk of collision damage, which is particularly important in close proximity to moving machine parts. Custom-designed, ACTIVSTONE®-coated accessories, including fixing nuts and mounting brackets, resist the accumulation of weld spatter, making maintenance hassle-free. Heavy-duty PUR cables and optional high-temperature-rated spatter-resistant shrouding prevent cable damage, ensuring consistent performance. 

Key advantages of Contrinex Weld-Immune Sensors include: 

  1. ACTIVSTONE® high-integrity ceramic coating on all external surfaces resists abrasion and weld spatter in MIG, MAG and spot-welding applications.
  2. Our sensors are immune to magnetic interference from medium-frequency (MF) weld fields.
  3. With one-piece stainless-steel housings and Condet® technology, Full Inox sensors offer maximum impact resistance.
  4. ACTIVSTONE®-coated mounting brackets, cables and protective tubes offer specific protection against spatter and heat.

Discover the future of robust sensing technology with Contrinex's Weld-Immune sensors. To learn more, explore our Weld-Immune brochure here. 

Elevate your welding experience with Contrinex's Weld-Immune Sensors, setting new standards for precision, durability, and performance in even the harshest welding environments.