Whatever the sensor type, for fast field checks and demonstrations the new Contrinex sensor tester is an essential addition to any toolbox.

Designed for a sensor current supply up to 100 mA, the new sensor tester works perfectly even with complex sensor types. It is ideal for checking inductive, capacitive, photoelectric or ultrasonic sensors with all kinds of outputs (PNP, NPN, N.O., N.C. or push-pull) and includes automatic PNP/NPN recognition. For checking inductive sensors, a built-in steel target (non-standardized) is also provided. Test results are indicated both visually by LED and audibly by an acoustic signal.

The new tester has been fitted with a micro-USB interface that allows recharging through any universal mobile phone charger. A 9 V LiPo battery is also included. With a storage capacity of 600 mAh, this battery supports over 2 hours of continuous use at 50 mA. Battery state is indicated by LED. The automatic switch-off time of 120 seconds is relatively long and allows ample time for teaching and configuration. Additional batteries are also available.

With many market-leading innovations, the price-performance ratio of the new sensor tester is outstanding.

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