The C23 Series of photoelectric sensors includes diffuse, reflex, through-beam and background suppression types. They reliably detect objects of different colors and material types, even under difficult conditions. All PNP switching versions of this sensor series are equipped with IO-Link, preparing them for machine-to-machine communication within the context of the Internet of Things.

The C23 Series of powerful photoelectric miniature sensors are the perfect allrounders. They combine a reduced size (20 x 30 x 10 mm) with best-in-class sensing ranges and reliably detect even fast moving objects. In addition, specially developed Contrinex optics provide excellent black/white performance for the sensor version with background suppression. Typical applications include conveyor belts used in production and automated food packaging.

Thanks to the IO-Link interface on PNP types, C23 Series photoelectric sensors are capable of remote communication with the master control level. IO-Link sensors are compatible with all IO-Link master versions. As a result, set-up and status diagnostics can take place centrally. In addition, the IO-Link interface allows process data to be read and modifications made to sensing ranges or such functions as stretch and delay directly on the sensor. In this way, photoelectric sensors become data generators, enabling digital communication with the control level at no extra cost.

IO-Link functions include:

• Data monitoring and diagnosis of sensor functions
• Sensitivity adjustment and teach-in
• Choice of switching type and configuration of switching behavior
• Setting of sensor mode and – for through-beam types – selection of emitting sequences
• Detection counter and temperature measurement