Safety comes first!

At Contrinex, safety comes first. By offering innovative, reliable safety products, we aim to reduce workplace accidents worldwide. Our solutions are also highly ergonomic, with a positive effect on system availability and overall productivity.  Safetinex light curtains and access control barriers have been designed by Contrinex to provide high quality safeguarding for both personnel and machinery. The full range comprises light curtains of Type 2 or 4 according to the international standard ISO 13849. Resolution is suitable to protect hands (30 mm), fingers (14 mm) or full body (3 to 6 beams). A choice of standard or slim profile is also available in various lengths up to almost 2 meters.  Our light curtains are produced in 5 different sites worldwide, allowing shorter lead times and greater cost efficiency. They are used in a wide variety of applications ranging from the industrial press machine to the pharmaceutical assembly line.  For any machine requiring a fixed guard-door or cover, Contrinex also proposes safety sensors with either a magnetic or RFID operating principle. Magnetic sensors are a very economical way of monitoring whether a door is open or closed. Thanks to non-contact switching and coded communication, the service life of these compact sensors is very long. Housings are ECOLAB-approved and rated to IP6K9K, making them suitable for washdown applications.  RFID technology enables the user to assign a unique code to each sensor and actuator system, which greatly reduces the risk of tampering. Safety RFID sensors from Contrinex can also be connected in series via the OSSD output and inputs, allowing up to 30 sensors to connect with just one relay or controller. Thanks to their serial connection capability, they are particularly suitable for applications using multiple sensors, such as long packaging or assembly lines.  All our safety sensors are certified by TÜV and most of them are also certified by UL laboratories.

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