Pressure resistant up to 500 bar (7255 PSI)

Robust inductive sensors with IO-Link for Industry 4.0 applications

Contrinex’s High Pressure range of inductive sensors now features an optional IO-Link interface in PNP NO versions at no extra charge. This enables sensing applications in high-pressure environments to benefit from the control and monitoring functions of Industry 4.0 implementations. At the same time, maintenance costs can be reduced and system availability increased.

For inductive sensing in high-pressure environments, a long service life at high operating and peak pressures is essential. Contrinex therefore uses particularly robust technology for its high-pressure resistant Extra Distance and Full Inox models. These sensors operate reliably over practically unlimited pressure cycles and tolerate continuous pressures of 500 bar (7255 PSI). They are suitable for the most demanding pneumatic and hydraulic applications, including high-vacuum environments.

IO-Link and more temperature stability

New versions with an IO-Link interface now allow easy access to many useful functions such as signal timing, temperature monitoring and counting of switching cycles. Relevant events such as overtemperature, EMC influences, etc. can be logged for quality assurance purposes, and warning messages can be sent. In addition to IO-Link, the sensors also offer better temperature behaviour (improved stability over the entire range) and a more stable hysteresis.

Built to resist high pressure

Extra Distance types have an IP68 enclosure rating and feature an exceptionally robust sensing face in ceramic material. They resist peak pressures of up to 1000 bar (14,510 PSI) and operating temperatures of up to 100°C (212°F). Switching frequencies range from 1000 Hz for the M5 size to 500 Hz for M14, with operating distances from 1 mm to 3 mm. A special process encapsulates the ceramic disc, ferrite core, coil and electronics with the connecting cable inside a gas-tight stainless steel housing.

Full Inox types, available in size M12, are enclosed in a highly impervious one-piece housing of chemically inert V4A stainless steel. Rated IP68/IP69K, these sensors resist peak pressures of up to 800 bar (11,603 PSI) and operating temperatures of up to 85 °C (185°F). They provide an operating distance of 1.5 mm and a high switching frequency of 850 Hz.