Modern machine builders design systems that put personal safety first. With this clear vision in mind, Contrinex has developed a new light curtain that brings the absolute safety of a machine stop to moderate risk applications in a cost-effective way.

The new Safetinex Type 2 YBB light curtain is an efficient safeguarding solution for such applications as metal forming or pick-and-place, where the risk has been evaluated as moderate (Type 2, cat. 2, PL c, SIL 1). It offers hand protection with a resolution of 30mm and protective heights up to 1827mm. Its rugged housing and screen ensure very good resistance to shocks and vibrations. High performance features are also included, such as optical synchronization and permanent autocontrol of the output. Moreover, with a protection rating of IP65 and IP67, Safetinex light curtains are suitable for applications where fluids are used. Quick and simple installation is achieved by 5-pin M12 connector, alignment LED and the mounting brackets also included.

Contrinex continues to expand its offering of reliable, efficient safeguarding solutions across a worldwide customer base. The new Type 2 light curtain perfectly complements the highly sensitive Safetinex Type 4 range for finger, hand and access protection with the highest safety level.

• Robust housing
• Simple wiring and installation
• Protective heights from 150 mm to 1827 mm
• Operating distance up to 12 m
• Competitive price

Technical data
Supply voltage: 24 VDC +/-20%
Protection class: IP 65 + IP 67
Operating temperature: 0…50°C
Safety rating: Type 2, category 2, PL c, SIL 1
Resolution: 30 mm
Output: 2 x PNP
Certification: TÜV SÜD, CE

Typical applications
• Metal forming machine
• Welding machine
• Industrial lift system
• Low-risk work station (e.g. pick and place, assembly)


Download datasheet:

Safetinex light curtains Type 2