Short Specifications


Supply voltage 24 ± 20 %
Polarity PUSH-PULL
Output Light-on + Dark-on
Sensitivity adjustment 3/4-turn pot.
Housing size [mm] 40 x 20.5
Enclosure rating IP 65
Housing material Aluminium
Resolution 0.9 mm
Temperature range -5...+50°C
Sensor Height 100 mm
Light source LED, infrared 880 nm
Interface Standard output
Operating principle Detection grid
Sensing range max. 100...400 mm


Type Format
Datasheet pdf
Operating manual pdf
CE certificate pdf
UKCA certificate pdf

3D CAD Library

Light grid Detection grid 40 x 20.5 Aluminium 3/4 turn pot. LED, infrared 880 nm

SKU: DGI-01A-0075-PMS-107

Light grid length: 100 mm
Resolution: 0.9 mm
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