Transparent-object sensors with patented UV technology detect presence of clear plastic sheet during thermoforming


During automated packaging, high-speed thermoforming lines produce transparent plastic blister-trays from continuous reel-stock material. Transparent-object sensors with patented UV technology detect the presence of the transparent plastic sheet as it is unwound, ensuring the material is correctly tensioned as it enters the loading station. False detection is avoided, ensuring reliable operation with little or no downtime. Ecolab-certified, these sensors are also suitable for the packaging of medical products.

Customer value
• UV sensors ensure reliable detection of transparent plastic targets
• Safe detection of the thinnest transparent materials
• Maximum operating reserve owing to high absorption factor of UV light by transparent plastics
• Elimination of multiple switching on a single target
• Reliable operation without the need for manual intervention
• Very low sensitivity to dust, liquid droplets and splashes
• Wide operating range accommodates full range of machine geometries
• Simple one- or two-step teach procedure optimizes initial sensor set-up
• Sensitivity parameters are retrieved or updated remotely via IO-Link
• Stability alarm highlights reduced sensitivity, avoiding unplanned stoppages

Specific product advantages
• Ultraviolet reflex photoelectric sensors for transparent object detection
• Very low sensitivity to target shape
• IO-Link serial-connection protocol enabled on PNP versions at no additional cost
• Pre-taught sensitivity parameters stored on inbuilt sensor memory
• Remote sensitivity retrieval or update via IO-Link
• Highly tolerant of contamination by dust, liquid droplets or splashes
• Robust, Ecolab approved sensors with IP67-rated miniature plastic housings