Withstanding Weld-Spatter: Exploring Contrinex Weld-Immune Inductive Sensors with ACTIVSTONE® Ceramic Coating

Contrinex’s highly regarded inductive weld-immune range offers OEMs and equipment designers exceptional durability in harsh environments plus an extended working life. Featuring sensors from its proven Series 600 technology family as well as Series 700 full-inox devices, the Weld-Immune sensor range is a highly affordable, risk-free option for systems integrators in diverse industries, including automotive, aerospace, electronics and white goods.

Key advantages:

  • ACTIVSTONE® coating on all external surfaces resists weld spatter in spot, MIG and MAG applications
  • Contrinex sensors resist magnetic interference from medium-frequency weld fields, current up to 15 kA
  • With one-piece stainless-steel housings and Condet® technology, Full Inox sensors offer maximum impact resistance
  • ACTIVSTONE® coated mounting brackets

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