RFID read/write modules with USB


Builders of low frequency RFID systems can now enjoy the practical advantages offered by read/write modules with USB connection, which were previously only available with high frequency systems. Advantages include the possibility of direct connection to a PC, without the need for an adaptor.

All Contrinex USB read/write modules, whether for low or high frequency, are fully compatible with ConID LF/HF DEMO software. This software is the ideal professional tool for RFID program development, demonstration and training. With its user-friendly screen and intuitive control, it ensures access to individual components and detailed analysis of frames. It is downloadable free-of-charge.

Like the high frequency types, the new low frequency USB read/write modules are available in M18 and M30 sizes, non-embeddable. All devices have a stainless steel housing with plastic sensing face and status LED.