RFID High Temperature

With 100% silicone-free construction and thermal cycling reliability of 1000 hours (or 1000 cycles), passive tags from the High Temperature family are ideal for use in paintshops and other high temperature environments. Tags are insensitive to dirt and their housings have an IP68 & IP69K enclosure rating. HF tags (13.56 MHZ) are fully ISO/IEC 15693-compliant.

HF High Temperature tags offer the highest temperature resistance with a range of non-embeddable, silicone-free LCP types for temperatures from -25 … +250°C (-13 to +482°F). Based on EEPROM or FRAM technology, memory size ranges from 128 Bytes to 2048 Bytes. Tag diameter is 50 mm and, when used with a Basic M30 HF RWM, the maximum read/write distance is 60 mm. Life expectancy is exceptionally long, even under intense read/write and temperature cycling.

For temperatures in the range -25 … +180°C (-13 to +356°F), a PPS type is also available. With a diameter of 26 mm, this HF tag is suitable for embeddable mounting in metal. The maximum read/write distance with a Basic M30 RWM is 31 mm.

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