PocketCodr Minimizes Set-Up Cost for Double-Sheet Detection Using Smart Sensors


As global demand for pressed-metal panels in the automotive sector increases, suppliers are under increasing pressure to increase productivity and reduce cost. Using ever-thinner gauges of steel and aluminum, double-sheet errors are harder to detect, heightening the risk of tool damage. Contrinex Smart Sensors sense the presence of individual sheets and also detect unwanted double-sheet conditions, triggering an alarm before damage occurs. During set-up, the innovative PocketCodr sensor configurator simplifies every aspect of configuration via the code-free companion app.


Customer benefits

 Robust inductive Smart Sensors eliminate avoidable interruptions to production

  • Early detection of unwanted double-sheet conditions prevents costly tool damage occurring
  • Innovative PocketCodr no-code sensor configurator simplifies configuration and minimizes costs of set-up
  • Individual device configurations are stored locally, allowing plug-and-play replacement of sensors when needed
  • Industry-standard IO-Link connectivity enables quick, easy integration to the machine control system for process data
  • Full-Inox versions with one-piece V2A (AISI 304) stainless-steel housings are available for exceptionally harsh environments


Product Specific Advantages

Robust, metal-cased inductive Smart Sensors are ideal for easy integration

  • Multi-channel monitoring circuitry allows users to define multiple customized output thresholds
  • Sophisticated sensing electronics deliver high-precision multi-mode measurements
  • Smart Sensors are individually shielded and EMC immune, eliminating interference when multiple devices operate in close proximity
  • Dedicated service-data blocks hold device-specific data including product ID, location and serial number
  • Industry-standard -25°C to +70°C operating range