The Contrinex High Temperature range includes sensors in sizes from M8 to M50. Sensors that have an internal amplifier resist temperatures of +180°C, while those with an external amplifier withstand temperatures up to + 230°C.

Particular attention has been paid to long-term stability under the most demanding conditions. With operating distances from 2 to 25 mm, these sensors are suitable not only for high precision applications, but also applications with greater tolerances and distances.

Your advantages

• Highest long-term stability
• Fit and forget technology
• Reliable sensing in high temperature applications
• Compact construction with integral amplifier for temperatures to
+ 180°C
• External amplifier module for devices up to + 230°C

Typical applications

• Paint shops
• Electroplating
• Glass production
• Brickworks
• Bakery equipment
• Carbon fiber production