Users of industrial RFID can maximize the flexibility of their systems with the powerful ContriNet RS485 network from Contrinex.

ContriNet not only allows up to 31 read/write modules (RWMs) to be connected to an industrial fieldbus, but also the mixing of low and high frequency RWMs in the same network. In addition, since all Contrinex high frequency transponders are ISO/IEC 15693 compatible, equipment from different manufacturers can be combined.

Threaded RWMs are available with S12 connector and RS485 output. The range includes rugged all-metal RWMs with an impervious sensing face and high-temperature RWMs for up to +125°C (257°F). Interfaces are provided for most industrial fieldbuses and USB.

The highly flexible ContriNet network is a powerful tool in the hands of RFID system integrators for smart factories.

Application: washing station

In the harsh environment of a washing station, RFID transponders and read/write modules are exposed to hot water, mechanical shocks, corrosive chemicals and high-pressure jetting. Despite these challenges, identification systems must operate continuously with high reliability.

Typically, RFID tags are mounted on the part carriers. On arrival at the washing station, information from the tag is used to select the correct washing cycle for the part type and process.

ConIdent advantages

ConIdent passive tags require no power source and minimal maintenance. Rugged, low frequency tags with all-metal housings are sealed to IP67 or IP69K to resist water penetration and can withstand temperatures up to 180°C (+356°F). Their extended sensing range reduces the risk of mechanical damage. Read/write units interface directly with customer control systems