A German manufacturer of cold-forming tools for joining sheet metal uses position sensing to control the operation of a manual punch-riveting tool. A high-pressure inductive sensor mounted directly into the wall of a small pneumohydraulic cylinder detects the position of the hydraulic ram, preventing the operating cycle from starting unless the ram is fully retracted.

Customer value

• Reliable, continuous tool operation in time-sensitive production environments
• Significant enhancement of tool function with minimal effect on size or weight
• Low risk of internal damage due to best-in-class sensing distances
• Industry-standard interface requires little modification to control systems

Advantages of DW-AD-503-P5 and -P8 inductive sensors

• Sensor performance unaffected by 500 bar (7255 psi) operating pressure
• Patented Condist® technology of Extra Distance family delivers best-in-class sensing distances
• Small, lightweight embeddable sensors with high-pressure capability
• Rugged inductive sensor with metal housing and ceramic sensing face