The new C23 Full Inox series of flat, full-metal inductive sensors is ideal for applications where the environment is harsh and space is scarce, but long operating distances are still indispensable. Thanks to Contrinex ASIC technology, these miniature-sized sensors are highly accurate and include an IO-Link interface.

C23 Full Inox Extreme sensors offer the advantage of factor of 1 on steel and aluminum. Compared with similar sensors, they are distinguished not only by their IO-Link interface but also by better quality, a longer service life, greater resilience and, last but not least, by their excellent price-performance ratio.

With this sensor’s embeddable all-metal housing in stainless steel, applications do not need to pull any punches. Shock, vibration or aggressive chemicals can do no harm to this extremely compact sensor, thanks to its stainless steel housing and Condet® technology.

ASIC technology guarantees consistently long operating distances, quick installation and excellent temperature compensation. In addition, it also contributes to vibration resistance, thus ensuring an exceptionally long service life for the sensor.

The IO-Link interface offers the user various parameterization and diagnostic options. For example, it is possible to switch between NO and NC operation or to program an ON or OFF delay.

Two drill holes ensure that C23 Full Inox sensors can be installed very easily from the front.

Typical areas of applications for the fastest sensor in its class include grippers, clamping devices and gantry robots.

Advantages at a glance
• Extremely robust, small and slim stainless steel housing (20 x 32 x 8 mm³)
• Factor 1 on steel and aluminum
• Long operating distance: 7 mm
• IO-Link
• Enclosure rating IP68/69K
• Embeddable
• Connection via PUR cable or S8 pigtail connector
• UL certified (USA + Canada)

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