High-Frequency RFID RWMs with IO-Link interface V1.1: Plug-and-Play!

Contrinex has specifically designed high-frequency RFID read/write modules (HF RWMs) with IO-Link interface V 1.1 for easy, cost-effective integration into existing control systems.

This extremely flexible system is defined by its ease of integration and high-performance components, such as new transponders with expanded memory for ultra-high-temperature applications. 

The Contrinex HF RFID system (13.56 MHz) is ISO/IEC 15693-compatible and can be operated either as IO-Link devices or in standard I/O mode (SIO).


Key advantages:

  • IO-Link protocol V1.1 with two operating modes
  • IO-Link Device

- Scan UID and Read/Write RFID data on the transponder, whether automatically or trigger-based 

- Two alarms configurable to monitor transponder-in-range time or RSSI level 

- Get a UID history list with time stamps 

- Secure mode to add security in the transponder memory access 

- Locate/FindMe function to identify RWM quickly mounted in a machine 

- New Diagnostic functions such as individual system time, power-on cycle counter, the RFID Error counter 

- Stand-alone SIO: Switching on tag presence, data comparison, and alarm conditions

  •  Temperature range −25°C…+80°C (−13…176°F) 
  • Integral S12 connector with integrated bi-color LED 9 IP67 (IP68 and IP69K for C44)
  • IP67 (IP68 and IPK for C44)

Relevant industries

  • Machine tools
  • Packaging systems
  • Automotive industry
  • Robotics


Discover the full rangehttps://www.contrinex.com/collections/rfid-io-link


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