EtherCAT: Ethernet Control Automation Technology
Interface device for connection of the Contrinex HF-RFID system to an EtherCAT fieldbus

The EtherCAT interface is one of four Ethernet-based interface devices offered by Contrinex. Interface devices for Ethernet/IP, ProfiNet IO and POWERLINK are also available. Using the EtherCAT interface, Contrinex’s high frequency RFID system can be connected to the EtherCAT fieldbus, which is frequently used in industrial automation applications. The flexibility of the ContriNet network can therefore be maintained even at the EtherCAT industrial bus level. Up to 31 read/write modules can be accessed with a single EtherCAT interface.


Main advantages

− Short cycle times

− Real-time Ethernet technology is supported

− Accurate synchronization of distributed systems



Automated testing line

The Contrinex RFID system includes an EtherCAT interface that supports the real-time Ethernet technology of the controller used. In the testing line, the workpiece carrier travels over the read/write module, which checks all data on the tag. If the data matches, the workpiece carrier will be raised, the test executed, and the result written to the tag. The whole test sequence is displayed visually on a screen at the testing line work-station.