Eliminating Assembly Errors: No-Code Sensor Configurator for Industrial PCB Variant Identification

PCB-VARIANT IDENTIFICATION: No-Contact Photoelectric Smart Sensors Identify Industrial PCB Variants in Real Time, Eliminating Downstream Assembly Errors

High-volume assembly operations rely on continuous flow of parts and materials to maintain optimum throughput levels. Multiple variants of individual parts, routed via common feeder lines, require real-time identification to ensure on-time delivery to the correct assembly areas.

Industrial-control-equipment manufacturers trust Contrinex no-contact DMS photoelectric Smart Sensors to detect variant-specific components on conveyor-fed PCB assemblies, diverting each PCB to its designated assembly line. Using the no-code PocketCodr sensor configurator to teach multiple detection setpoints minimizes set-up time and associated commissioning costs.

Advantages at a glance

  • No-contact DMS photoelectric Smart Sensors eliminate costly downstream assembly errors
  • In-line identification of multiple PCB variants supports continuous-flow production and reduces inventory costs

No-code PocketCodr sensor configurator teaches detection setpoints using live targets, minimizing set-up and commissioning costs