Basic Inductive Sensors: Exceptional accuracy and reliability in normal environments!

With best-in class sensing distances between 1.5mm and 40 mm, the Contrinex Basic range offers a fit and forget operation, delivering world class performance at a very attractive price. 

Advantages include:

  • High quality ASIC sensors
  • Exceptional price/performance ratio
  • Excellent accuracy
  • Outstanding temperature compensation
  • Vibration and shock resistant
  • Long operating distance

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This article describes how our Extra Distance inductive sensors can reliably detect metal washers in plastic assemblies.


A plastics manufacturer tests batches of control knobs for in-car audio systems before shipment to automotive assembly plants; each knob contains a small metal washer that occasionally becomes dislodged. A custom-built testing machine tests a tray of 70 knobs in a single cycle; long-distance inductive sensors, positioned directly below the knobs, confirm the presence of a washer in each assembly.

More specifically, this application uses our DW-AS-503-M18-002  which operates reliably at sensing distances up to 12mm.

Customer Benefits include:

  • Reliable, repeatable testing of complete trays of knobs in a single cycle
  • Testing is completed in standard transit trays with no additional handling
  • Immediate identification of faulty assemblies
  • Elimination of batch rejection by the customer
  • Extended sensing distances up to 12mm
  • Exceptional packing density with 44 mm clearance
  • Reliable sensing of small targets through plastic tray material

Here is another application article, this time focusing on our Classics Basic inductive sensors for tool position checking.


Setup times are reduced and workloads rationalized through automation of tool position checking during an automatic tool-change process. A sensor on the tool-press ensures that it is completely closed before molding tools are changed safely and efficiently.

This application uses our DW-AS-603-M18-002, which is ideal, due to its robust industrial construction and the proven reliability of its sensing capabilities in the required range.

Customer Benefits include:

  • Cost effective solution
  • Setup times reduced and workloads rationalized
  • Efficient automatic manipulation of molding tools
  • Avoidance of production faults, damage to tools or press and resulting downtime
  • Process speed and consistency assured