2-Wire Inductive sensors confirm retraction of stabilizer legs in mobile cranes

Customer Application

 A manufacturer of mobile cranes uses two-wire inductive sensors with N.C. output function to detect the position of stabilizer legs as part of the vehicle safety system. Before the system will allow the driver to drive the vehicle away, sensors confirm that stabilizer legs have been retracted.

The 2-Wire range of DC, AC/ DC and NAMUR sensors is constructed on the Classics technology platform and includes sizes from 3 to M30, plus a 5 × 5 mm square-section type. Devices are available for embeddable or non-embeddable mounting and connection is by means of cable or connector.

With a sensing range up to 15 mm, Contrinex 2-Wire sensors ensure optimal equipment utilization, easy installation, and high switching frequency.

Specific Product Advantages

  • Two-wire sensors for series connection 
  • Sizes from 3 mm to M30 and 5 × 5 mm
  • DC and AC/DC types 
  • NAMUR types with switching frequencies up to 10,000 Hz

Relevant industries

  • Automotive production and supply,
  • Machine tool, 
  • Packaging, 
  • Logistics, 
  • Materials handling, 
  • Textile

Inductive proximity switch DW-DS-625-M18-120

Standard 2-wire DC model with increased operating distance and cylindrical housing M18.

Main features: 

  • Increased operating distance: 8 mm 
  • Housing length 50 mm (cable) / 63.5 mm (connector), cylindrical M18, chrome-plated brass
  •  Short version, housing length 35 mm (cable) / 48.5 mm (connector) 
  • Supply voltage 10 ... 65 VDC, output current 100 mA 
  • Voltage drops 5 V, no-load supply current 0.6 mA 
  • LED and protections against short-circuit built-in 
  • 2-wire non-polarized execution, N.O. and N.C.


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