Short Specifications


Operating range 0...4 mm
Switching frequency max. 1600 Hz
Supply voltage 10...30
Polarity Analog
Output Voltage
Connection PUR, 2 m, 3 wire
Housing size [mm] M8
Enclosure rating IP 67
Housing material Chrome-plated brass
Temperature range -25...+70°C
Sensor Height 45 mm
Mounting Quasi-embeddable


Type Format
Datasheet pdf
CE certificate pdf
UL certificate pdf

3D CAD Library

Analog output Extra Distance Series 500 M8 Quasi embeddable 0...4 mm 0...5 V

Connection: PUR, 2 m, 3 wire
Polarity and Output: Analog|Voltage
Sensor length: 45 mm
Sale price$189.30

Estimated Delivery Time 2-3 weeks

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