Miniature photoelectric sensor detects carton position during packaging operations
During confectionery packaging operations, conveyor lines deliver preformed cardboard cartons to packing stations. At each station, a pick-and-place packing robot packs layers of bagged candy in cartons. Once filled, cartons are conveyed to case-sealing stations. A highly reliable retro-reflex photoelectric sensor, mounted beside the line, senses each carton as it arrives at the packing station, halting the conveyor and initiating the packing sequence once it is correctly positioned.

Customer Values

  • Reliable, repeatable in-line position sensing on a non-contact basis
  • Improved throughput arising from real-time detection of incorrectly positioned or missing cartons
  • Increased productivity as stability alarm flags preventative-maintenance needs
  • Single sensor accommodates a range of carton sizes without repositioning

Specific Product Advantages

  • Maximum sensing range of 8000mm with 78mm-diameter reflector
  • IO-Link connectivity available at no extra cost on PNP versions
  • Dual output with stability alarm