Space-saving and robust; Safetinex Slim: Type 2 Safety light curtains for hand protection

Functional safety plays an important role in mechanical engineering. During the development process, standardized risk assessments are undertaken to identify and define any risks to the safety of persons and the environment. Standards set out clear requirements for the safety components used, which must then be combined with the demands of the technical specifications. Saving installation space is always an important consideration. Featuring rugged 26 x 26 mm aluminum housings, Safetinex Slim light curtains from Contrinex ensure optimum workplace ergonomics.

Since space is often very limited inside machines or around them, the Swiss sensor specialist Contrinex has developed a particularly slim range of light curtains for protection against intrusion. Safetinex Slim light curtains require an installation area of only 26 x 26 mm and are offered with different protective field heights between 170 mm and 1610 mm. Since the protective field height corresponds precisely to the overall length, blind zones and losses of resolution can be avoided, even when several units are mounted together. These Type 2 safety light curtains are suitable for applications up to performance level c (EN / ISO 13849-1 or IEC 61496), offer a resolution of 30 mm and a detection range of up to 8 m. Permanent autocontrol ensures added safety.

Special mounting brackets and an integrated alignment LED simplify installation of the light curtains. Their industry-standard PNP configuration allows connection to a controller via an integral 5-pin M12 connector. Thanks to their IP65 protection class and robust aluminum housings, these light curtains are ideal for harsh industrial use and production environments where they must withstand shocks or vibrations. Typical application areas include metal forming, printing machines, assembly machines with limited risk, pick-and-place systems and logistics conveyors.

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