Safety light curtain with Bluetooth LE

Configure and monitor safety devices using smartphone app

YBES light curtains include a Bluetooth-LE interface for remote, wireless configuration and real-time communication of status or diagnostic data to a smartphone or tablet. In addition to extended functionality (EDM, restart interlock, beam coding, etc.) and ease of use, operators benefit from reduced installation costs as safety relays are no longer required. YBES light curtains meet the highest Type 4 safety requirements of Category 4, PL e and Safety Integrity Level SIL 3. They offer blind-zone free mounting and an integrated alignment system. The new safety systems will be available for use from 2020.

To prevent unauthorized access to hazardous areas, automated systems often rely on non-contact protection using light curtains. When required, these devices allow free access while still ensuring safety, cleanliness and hygiene. Contrinex offers tried and tested light curtains in different resolutions and lengths. With the new light curtains of the YBES series, existing features have now been supplemented by a Bluetooth-LE interface with long range. This not only permits wireless configuration, but also simple retrieval of status and diagnostic data in real time on any handheld device, such as a smartphone or tablet. As a result, light curtain use can be optimized for Industry 4.0 applications. Setup is fast via the EDM function (External Device Monitoring). The light curtain’s internal microcontroller monitors the feedback circuits of external contactors. The signal at the EDM input of the light curtain is compared with that of the safety outputs and communication with the control system is then enabled. Wireless configuration can then be set up quickly via a free smartphone app for Android or iOS. The new Bluetooth light curtains are suitable for the highest Type 4 safety requirements, PL e and Safety Integrity Level SIL3.

User-friendly functionality

The new light curtains with remote configuration reduce installation costs by eliminating the need for costly safety relays and their cabling through internal EDM monitoring of contactors. Instead, functions such as start and restart interlock or beam coding in three channels are configured in a user-friendly way via handheld devices. The new, blind-zone free safety light curtains for hand protection have a resolution of 30 mm with protective lengths of 170 to 1610 mm and a 26 x 26 mm profile. The pigtail connection with 0.3 m PUR cable and M12 plug allows free alignment of the light curtain without blind spots. An integrated alignment system saves time during installation.