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New brochure includes the latest ceramic-coated sensors and accessories with revolutionary triple protection

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The Weld-Immune range of inductive sensors now includes ceramic-coated types. In addition to mechanical shock resistance and immunity to the magnetic fields of welding equipment, the new sensors are characterized by a robust, weld spatter-resistant coating. This coating increases the service life of sensors, facilitates cleaning and helps to reduce machine downtime.

Inductive sensors from Contrinex’s Weld-Immune range with ACTIVSTONE™ coating now offer the highest level of weld spatter resistance. A high-performance ceramic material forms a durable, non-stick coating on all external surfaces of the sensor, including the fixing nuts. The coating material has been specially formulated for robustness and resists impacts and abrasion without cracking or peeling. By preventing weld spatter accumulation, it makes slag removal much easier and reduces maintenance costs. As a sensor coating, it provides excellent, long-term protection in spot, MIG and MAG applications.

Inductive sensors in welding applications also need protection from magnetic fields, which are generated by welding equipment and can cause false triggering. Weld-Immune sensors from the Full Inox technology family meet this challenge with special interference suppression technology. These sensors offer optimum detection sensitivity combined with immunity to magnetic interference, in particular from medium-frequency fields (current up to 15 kA). This makes them ideal for automated welding cells in the automotive industry and for all applications with similar magnetic fields.

Sensors from the Full Inox family are recommended for long service life in the most demanding welding environments. A sealed, one-piece housing in V2A/AISI 303 stainless steel provides excellent chemical and mechanical resistance to shocks, vibration and abrasion. If impacts occur, Condet® technology ensures reliable switching, even when damage to the ferrite is severe. In addition, sensors are unaffected by weld spatter, metal dust or chips and offer long operating distances with factor 1 on steel and aluminum.

ACTIVSTONE™ coated sensors are available in diameters M8 to M30 and C23. The portfolio also includes coated mounting brackets, spatter-resistant cables and protective tubes. More info here

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– Full inox (700 Series)

M8   M12   M18  M30   C23

– Mounting brackets

Mounting bracket coated    Mounting bracket uncoated

– Weld-Immune cables

S12-3FxG-xxx-NNWN    S12-3FxW-xxx-NNWN  S12-3FxG-xxx-NNWN-12MG

– Protective tubes

ATP-0000-xx0  ATP-0001-xx0   ATP-0002-xx0   ATP-0003-xx0