Thanks to the new high frequency RFID read/write modules (HF RWMs) with IO-Link interface V 1.1, it has never been easier to plug and play. Contrinex designed them specifically for easy, cost-effective integration into existing control systems.

The new HF RWMs with IO-Link are a logical extension of the Contrinex HF system entirely in the spirit of modern smart engineering. This extremely flexible system is distinguished by its ease of integration and high-performance components, such as new transponders with expanded memory for ultra-high-temperature applications. The Contrinex HF RFID system (13.56 MHz) is ISO/IEC 15693-compatible.

These non-embeddable HF RWMs are available in sizes M18 (read/write distance max. 42 mm) and M30 (read/write distance max. 60 mm) with connecting cable. They can be operated either as IO-Link devices or in standard I/O mode (SIO) with conditional binary outputs. This gives the user a choice between two operating modes. In stand-alone SIO mode the conditional output switch enables either tag detection or data block comparison.

With two operating modes and simplified plug-and-play installation, these HF RWMs reduce the need for costly installation, typically in the logistics, mechanical engineering and automotive industries

Download datasheet:

RLS-1301-320 IO-Link

RLS-1181-320 IO-Link