Extra Distance Inductive Sensors Detect Presence of Metal Washers in Plastic Assemblies

A plastics manufacturer tests batches of control knobs for in-car audio systems before shipment to automotive assembly plants; each knob contains a small metal washer that occasionally becomes dislodged. A custom-built testing machine tests a tray of 70 knobs in a single cycle; long-distance inductive sensors, positioned directly below the knobs, confirm the presence of a washer in each assembly.

Customer Values

  • Reliable, repeatable testing of complete trays of knobs in a single cycle
  • Testing is completed in standard transit trays with no additional handling
  • Immediate identification of faulty assemblies
  • Elimination of batch rejection by the customer

Specific Product Advantages

  • Extended sensing distances up to 12mm
  • Exceptional packing density with 26mm clearance
  • Reliable sensing of small targets through plastic tray material

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