New manufacturing processes make the ECO range unbeatable in its class on both price and performance. Despite the low price, no compromise has been made on quality, reliability or durability.
For example, the ECO range has a Contrinex ASIC (application-specific chip) as standard. This increases the accuracy and lifetime of sensors and enables communication via IO-Link.
The IO-link interface in the ECO range not only allows the reading of sensor data, such as the number of switching events, chip temperature, etc., but also the modification of certain parameters, such as switching from NO to NC function or programming an ON or OFF delay.

Your advantages

• IO-Link
• Cost-saving solution
• Best value for money
• Highest precision and reliability due to Contrinex ASIC

IO-Link advantages

• Continuous monitoring of process data
• Continuous diagnosis of sensor status
• Advanced parameter settings
• Easy check of sensor ID, to ensure the right sensor is at the right place
• No more manual parameter setting. Parameter sets are downloaded automatically
• Plug-and-play replacement of sensors
• Reduced downtime for machine changeover

IO-Link functionality with ECO inductive sensors

Data monitoring

Switching state is monitored continuously.


The operating state of the sensor is checked. In case of wire break, under-voltage, LC oscillator break or installation of the wrong sensor, information is provided directly through IO-Link to enable fast repair, maintenance and replacement.


NO/NC selection

The output switching mode can be selected as NO or NC. A single sensor type is configurable for the various needs of an application. This helps reduce the number of different sensor types required in stock.

Switching timer

The timing of output switching can be configured. Depending on the needs of an application, output switching can be delayed or the duration stretched through programming.

Detection counter

Detection events are counted. By registering the number of detections, it is possible to calculate the speed or number of parts. The counter can be reset by means of a unique IO-Link message.


The internal temperature of the sensor is measured continuously, which provides an indication about the ambient temperature in the application. Moreover, the maximum temperature measured is saved for diagnosis and preventive maintenance purposes.