Miniature inductive sensor detects jaw position for high precision robot gripper

A leading producer of powered handling components for the automation industry supplies gripper systems to end-users throughout the world. To ensure maximum flexibility and reliability for end-users, particularly regarding space constraints when mounting the grippers, Series 300 miniature (3 mm diameter) inductive sensors are supplied as an accessory.

Customer Values

  • Optimum use of gripping power by precise definition and transmission of jaw position
  • Enables grippers to be used in wide range of applications
  • Same functionality as large versions

Specific Product Advantages

  • Smallest self-contained inductive sensors available on the market
  • Evaluation electronics fully integrated
  • Optimized for high switching frequency (up to 5000 Hz)
  • Electronics vacuum potted for optimum long-term reliability
  • LED output state indicator for set up and diagnostics
  • CE approval without external protective circuit; UL and RoHS approval
  • IP 67 protection class