Durability in harsh environments; Full Inox Extreme inductive sensors confirm engagement of safety locks on hooklift trucks

A hooklift truck utilizes a hydraulic system for loading and unloading a demountable container. Once the container is correctly positioned on the vehicle’s load bed,  interlock bolts engage with its base, locking it into position. Rugged sensor systems detect full engagement of the interlocks, ensuring the truck is safely loaded prior to driving away. Sensors must be mechanically robust and withstand harsh outdoors conditions.

Customer Values

• Elimination of human error prevents truck being driven in an unsafe condition
• Highly reliable sensing performance in demanding conditions
• Corrosion-resistant sensors withstand water, ice, mud and salt
• Highly cost-effective solution to a potentially serious problem

Specific product advantages

• Single-piece AISI 304 (V2A) stainless-steel construction
• Rugged, hermetically sealed embeddable sensors
• High resistance to harsh operating conditions